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About Us

With a business motto of "consistently exceeding expectations" and "affordable beauty and quality", Flowers For Rent is enjoying national attention. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising and we amaze every customer with excellent service.

What most people envision when they think of silk flowers is not this. These elite floral products look real at very close range. They are meticulously maintained for each event, large or small.

In 1988, we began preserving flowers. As time went along, the business moved into custom preserving of special bouquets such as bridal bouquets, anniversary bouquets and memorial bouquets. Even though we no longer offer floral preserving, your special bouquet may be re-created with the most amazing high-end artificial flowers in the world.

A natural progression occurred in 1998 when we found very high quality artificial flowers and began creating bouquets for rent. More recently, with the addition of extremely talented AIFD florists to our valued staff, the artistic floral design style has moved to a high level. As a result, elite businesses and upscale hotels have been added to our client list.

Currently, Flowers For Rent is serving clients throughout North America. Round trip shipping is paid in advance, and we call for a pickup when you are finished with the flowers. It is that simple.

Our company has a patent pending for the business, shipping and marketing methods we use.

Contact us for a referral to a representative near you. Call toll free 1-877-522-1630.